Shadow Days!


ADE's Shadow Day Program was developed to address a lack of mentorship in today's documentary industry. With tight budgets and schedules, assistant editors are increasingly asked to do more technical work, are often kept away from the edit bay, and thus are left out of the creative process. As a result, there is a broken path forward for assistants and consequently a less diverse pool of editors.  

Shadow Days are for documentary assistant editors (AE’s) and emerging editors seeking guidance and mentorship from experienced editors and skilled AE’s. This is an opportunity for individuals searching for more education, support, and direction in the doc editing field to learn from the pros and foster meaningful relationships that strengthen our community.

Shadow Days are a one-time commitment and currently operate remotely. Our mentees provide information on what they are looking for in a mentor, and our program coordinators work to find a great match for them. Once we connect a mentee with their new mentor, the way they spend their time during their one-on-one session is up to the two of them. We are here to offer suggestions, support, and guidance.


Right now our most immediate need is to add more names to our pool of available mentors. If you are interested in signing up as a mentor, please fill out our intake form here.

Our program is still in its beta phase for mentees. If you are interested in participating as a mentee, please fill out this form and we will send you the intake form when it's live.

Please reach out to with any questions.